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Wildland Fire

Improve your Home’s Survivability in the Event of a Wildfire

• Remove dead, diseased and weakened trees 

• Prune lower tree branches to a height no more than 1/3 the tree’s height 

• Remove pine needles, leaves and debris from the ground

• Keep grass and weeds mowed to a maximum height of 4 inches

• Do not use the area under decks for storage

• Store firewood at least 15' away from the house and decks

• Plan and rehearse an escape plan

• Vegetation within 10' of the structure may be removed if necessary to comply with the Fuels Management Ordinance

• No vegetation is to be removed within Preservation Areas except to comply with the Fuels Management Ordinance

• Ensure your address is clearly marked and visible from the street

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Hygiene Fire Protection District has joined forces with our neighboring Fire Department Lyons Fire Protection District and developed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan that covers both the Lyons and Hygiene communities. A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is a collaboratively developed strategic plan that identifies specific wildfire hazards and risks facing Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) communities and neighborhoods. The CWPP development process allows the community to plan how it will reduce these wildfire hazards and risks. It provides prioritized mitigation recommendations that are designed to reduce those hazards and risks by identifying the most critical areas and effective methods for fuel reduction within the area of study.


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