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HFPD Board of Directors

An elected Board of Directors provides guidance to the Department




The Board is made up of five volunteer Directors who live in the District.  They are elected by District voters (or appointed mid-term to fill the seat of a departing Director, then voted on at the next election.)  The Directors are limited to two consecutive three-year elected terms, plus any mid-term appointment time, if applicable. The Directors’ terms are staggered to provide continuity, so there will be only a moderate turnover per election.


Scott Snyder, Board President    

Director Snyder has lived in Boulder County since 1970 and moved into the Hygiene Fire District in 2003. Scott has worked for the Longmont Fire Department since 1979. He served as a volunteer firefighter for 22 years with the Cherryvale (now Rocky Mountain) Fire Department near Boulder where he is on the Pension Board. Scott is a past President of the Boulder County Fire Chiefs Association and currently sits on the Boulder County Regional Fire Training Center Board of Directors. He was appointed to the Hygiene Fire Board of Directors in May 2014 and re-elected in May of 2016 and again in 2020. He currently serves as the Board President.

Andie Adam, Board Member    

Director Adam has been a part of the Hygiene community for six years and has lived in Boulder County for ten. Her work in the construction industry as well as her husband's horse training business near Lefthand Canyon has brought her in close proximity to both the 2013 Flood as well as two separate wildfires in the area. She witnessed the Hygiene and surrounding communities come together in incredible ways during and after each of these events. These experiences have compounded with her belief that lasting improvements to our world begin at the hyperlocal level. Having a younger brother who has made a career as a wildland firefighter has also given her unique insight into the challenges firefighters face.

Brian Sanders, Board Treasurer 

Director Sanders has lived in Hygiene since 2012 and Boulder County since 2005. He has served as an Auxiliary department member since 2018 by helping to bring new technology to the department. He lives in Hygiene with his wife and two school aged kids who all love the lifestyle and community of Hygiene. He has worked in the aerospace field for 20 years on projects as big as the International Space Station and as small as a satellite that can fit in your hand.

Devon Martin, Board Secretary     

Director Martin has lived in the Hygiene community since 2015 and moved to Colorado in 2013. After attending the University of Colorado, Devon became a local real estate broker in 2016.  Devon has been surrounded by the fire community since moving then—when her husband first started volunteering for a local fire department. He has since then become a career firefighter with Fredrick Firestone Fire Protection District, as well as a Hygiene Volunteer. Devon feels incredibly passionate about bettering our fire district, and supporting our passionate, talented and dedicated volunteers. Devon is raising three daughters in the Hygiene community. The Martins feel incredibly fortunate to be able to have children in such a unique area that embraces its rural heritage and provides a wonderful community. Devon lives on a farm with miniature cattle and absolutely adores the Hygiene life! Devon was elected in 2020–and is thankful for the opportunity to serve Hygiene.

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