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Hygiene Fire Protection District Elections

The Hygiene Fire Protection District held a call for nominations.  Two nominations or self-nominations were received by the deadline stated below in the official announcements for the three open positions. The District Election Official canceled the 2020 elections as the election was not needed.

The Election Cancellation and Certification of Results.


If you are interested in helping our community, please attend our regular board meetings scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month.


The next election cycle will be in 2022. Please consider running for a Board seat - the more candidates we have, the healthier the Board.  Basically, your commitment would be to attend one meeting a month, and possibly a few hours in between.  Any Board member would be happy to discuss in greater detail what is involved. You can find current Board members in the Governance section of this website.

2020 Election Notices for reference

Call for Nominations

Self Nomination Form

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