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Hygiene Volunteer Fire Department

The Hygiene Fire Protection District was created in 1960 by a group of local farmers and ranchers.  They were dissatisfied with the length of time it took to get assistance to the Hygiene area for fires and medical emergencies.  This group of residents formed the Hygiene Volunteer Fire Department to respond to emergencies within the District.

Hygiene Fire Department Association Mission Statement:


The mission of the Association shall be a commitment to the preservation and protection of life and property from and during fires and other emergencies as they may occur in The Hygiene Fire Protection District: and to create and perpetuate a spirit of friendship between all members of the Association.


Hygiene Fire Department Vision Statement:


We will be recognized as a progressive fire organization that is honored and valued by the community, its employees, and other agencies and is acknowledged as a leader within the emergency services community through our pride and integrity.

Hygiene Fire Department Values:

1. People First:  We value people over processes


2. Same Team: We value loyalty and respect over perfection


3. Make it Better: We value progress over perfection


4. Grace and Truth: We value respect and honesty equally and are committed to respecting each other no matter what while being honest with each other.

5. Empower Leaders: We value leaders more than doers


6. Willing to Risk: We value risk over the status quo


7. Enjoy the Journey: We value health and fun as much as accomplishment



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