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Ballot Issue 6A

Ballot Issue 6A ask district residents for an increase in Mill Levy to support your local volunteer fire department.

Detailed information can be found here:

From the Tabor Statement:


The Hygiene Fire Protection District maintains equipment and

emergency response teams highly trained in structure and

wildland fires, search and rescue operations (including open

water), motor vehicle accidents and extrication, emergency

medical treatment, and hazardous material protection.

Within the past year, the district was threatened by both the

Cal-Wood wildfire and a high-pressure gas line rupture. The

department played an instrumental role in these and many

other emergencies and is recognized for its outstanding

response times and in-depth training.

That said, there is real concern as to how much longer this

quality of service can be sustained. Three important issues

need to be addressed.

District fire engines are on average 20 years old, with

replacement costs in excess of $750,000 per vehicle.

Quick response times are completely dependent on

firefighters and emergency medical personnel

staying on premise while on call, yet there are no

overnight accommodations on station property.

Compensation for District firefighters when on call

starts at $12.50 per hour, far below the $23 per hour

industry standard, making it difficult to retain highly

qualified personnel.

Our current mill levy is lower than all adjacent Fire Protection

Districts, including Lyons, Berthoud, Mountain View, Boulder

Rural, and Left Hand. The median mill levy for these five

districts is 15.75, while the current levy for Hygiene is only


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